Camper Body

Aluminum Frame


Easily customized (shown with optional floor mounted stainless steel water tanks)

Aluminum Sidewalls


.090 thick laser cut aluminum wall panels are secured to frame with adhesive (shown with optional Outbound windows).

Welded One Piece Roof


.125 thick aluminum roof panels are broke over at edges and continuously welded together for a leak proof walkable roof

Cab Chassis


10 foot camper suited to 3500 series cab chassis with 60" CA

12 foot camper suited to 5500 series cab chassis with 84" CA

Bodies available with our without cab over

Thermal barrier


Interior of external wall and roof panels are coated with ceramic thermal barrier. This greatly reduces exterior cold or hot temps from migrating to face of wall insulation. Internal wall cavities are then insulated with foam panels which creates an energy efficient living environment

Direct frame mount

Direct frame mount provides a low profile. I

Direct mounting of camper body to frame results in a low profile. Body is spring isolation mounted to  isolate camper body from frame flex. Lower outside storage boxes are bolted on which provides easy replacement should damage occur.